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Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. is proud of the credentials it can present to its customers. In Toronto, licensing is mandatory as it provides customer protection in the case if a situation goes awry. 

City Toronto License

 In the City of Toronto, it is mandatory that all contractors working in the construction industry have a valid Municipal License. The role of the Municipal Licensing and Standards Commission is to conduct criminal background checks on contractors, maintaining contractor accountability (ie honouring warranties and contractual commitments, conflict resolution), maintaining a high standard of work ethic, maintaining local building code and by-law standards and providing enforcement for non-compliant contractors. These measures are in place to protect consumers. The license outlines various work that the company is permitted to do and states that the company has been properly examined and tested on their specialties. Hiring a licensed contractor provides additional levels of consumer protection.

Municipal Licensing & Standards

Unfortunately, when the city amalgamated, the Municipal Licensing and Standards Commission did not expand their jurisdiction North of Steeles Avenue which resulted in no licensing requirements in these areas. With no regulations in place North of Steeles, unsatisfied and scorned homeowners are left to fend for themselves and consider small claims court action as a last defense. DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!


Liability Business Insurance

This type of business insurance covers contractors as well as homeowners from property damage to your home and neighbouring properties. Having this type of insurance coverage is vital to contractors working for homeowners as it provides protection against accidental damage. Insurance coverage differs greatly from policy to policy. Some roofing companies are insured strictly for sloping shingle roofs and repairs (which is less expensive coverage) and do not have the adequate coverage to work with flat roofing tools such as open flame torches. It is important that if you are hiring a roofing company to perform a torched on flat roofing system that they have welding, torching, brazing and open flame coverage for your protection. Otherwise, any accidental damage or claim may be denied. This type of insurance coverage is generally more expensive as the risk increases. Please click on link to see our policy .

Workplace Safety

This is a Government mandated Provincial insurance that covers company workers daily on the job. Contractors pay a premium based on the “risk level” of work. The more dangerous the work, the higher the premiums. This insurance protects the homeowner, worker and company for services provided. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to insure that their contractor has this valid coverage. (Link to WSIB LOGO and clearance certificate website) or 1-800-387-0750

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Without WSIB coverage, the homeowner could be personally held responsible and sued by the Government for any injuries.  This is a costly risk to take, so having a contractor who is properly insured provides additional protection for you.