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Flat Roofing


Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. provides flat roofing systems that generally consist of multiple layers of roofing material laid down in a series of plies that are torched down and heat welded using a hand held torch hooked up to a propane tank. This material is known as Modified Bitumen Membrane (Mod-Bit). The membrane consists of a fibreglass reinforcing material that is placed between layers of rubberized asphalt then top coated with small ceramic stones that reflect heat, UV rays and protects from the elements. The advantage of this type of flat roofing is its durability, clean appearance, multiple colours, light weight design which is easy on structures, easily repairable and weather-resistant for the Canadian climate. These membranes have been available for over 25 years and have evolved from a single ply application to the more commonly used two-ply system today. Prior to that, most flat roofing was done using a built-up tar and gravel roofing system which was a lot heavier on the structure, made repairs and servicing expensive, was more labour intensive and required costly commercial equipment. This type of roofing is more commonly used in industrial applications, and the torched on membrane system is normally used in residential and commercial roofing.


What to expect during flat roof installation:

  • Property protection and coverage using plywood and tarps.
  • Removal of ALL old roofing material.
  • Repair and replacement of rotten boards/plywood decking underneath the flat roof if needed.
  • Re-nailing and re-securing of roof deck.  This will help enhance the look of the roof by providing a flat surface to install the new material to and minimize the chance of premature cracking to roofing material.
  • Inspect roof decking for adequate slope for drainage and advise homeowner if repairs are needed.
  • Inspect flat roof cavities for proper levels of insulation and advise homeowner.
  • Installation of ISO board foam core RIDGID insulation (optional)
  • Installation of 25lb heat resistant fiberglass paper.
  • Installation of 1/8” fiberglass heat resistant protecto board sheathing.  These two items are designed to provide fire and heat protection of wood structures.
  • Installation of a 2.2mm OR 3mm torched down base sheet (1st ply of 2 ply system)
  • Installation of 4mm torched down cap sheet to waterproof (2nd ply of 2 ply system)
  • Install drip edge perimeter eaves flashing.  This is designed to direct water into eavestroughing system and guard against animal entry.
  • Ventilation – bathroom exhaust vents and flat roof venting for removal of condensation.
  • Installation of flashings to plumbing pipes and exhaust pipes.
  • Installation of metal flashing details to chimney, walls etc.
  • Caulking, sealing, debris removal 

A roofing system alone will not provide enough heat retention without proper insulation. Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. can make sure that the structure is properly insulated for optimal energy efficiency. Read up on our Insulation services or call us for more information.