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Canadian Roofing Company Ltd., installs, repairs and modifies skylight structures. We install both double-domed acrylic curb-mount and thermo-pane glass units.

Curb-mount skylights are mounted on to a built on site 2” x 4” wooden frame or come in a factory finished built unit. Both designs enable our technicians to install a rubber membrane ice and water shield underlayment as well as custom metal flashing and factory made flashing to the skylight frame to weatherproof. This design is available in both double domed acrylic units and the more costly thermo-pane glass units which come with opening and closing as options. These are ideal for the Canadian climate as they elevate the skylight above the snow and ice level. From an engineering perspective, the curb mount unit is far superior in design and construction. Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. installs VELUX and ALLIED BRAND units. Call us today and our technicians will gladly advise you on the best unit to fit your design.

Self-flashing skylights have a small 3-inch plastic flange around the perimeter of the skylight. Roof shingles are designed to overlap onto the flange and are caulked in place for protection. However, if the caulking fails, the skylight will start to leak. These skylights are cheaper than curb mount, are considered builder grade and also have a high failure rate. We do no install this type of skylight.