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Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. supplies and installs both entry-level traditional three-tab shingles and architectural designer type fiberglass shingles. We are part of Owens Corning’s Preferred Contractor list in recognition of our professional craftsmanship and adherence to industry standards when it comes to quality installations and material selection. Over the years we have installed every shingle brand on the North American market and will gladly help guide you in choosing the right product for your project.

25 and 30-year 3-tab shingles  

Traditional three-tab, self sealing asphalt shingles have a smooth appearance and a pro-rated warranty of 25 to 30 years. The main difference between the life expectancy of certain shingles is the weight and thickness. As an industry-standard, this type of shingle is more economical and easier to install. 

Designer and architectural shingles

Architectural self sealing, fibreglass shingles simulate cedar shingles in appearance, but are much more durable and weather-resistant. They have a layered (3D) look to them that is the result of having multiple layers of material. Though more expensive than traditional 3-tab and generally more laborious to install, architectural shingles provide longer pro-rated warranties are generally thicker and heavier than standard 3-tab shingles, higher resistance to weather conditions and raise the overall value of the house.

What to expect during a shingle roof installation:

  • Property protection and coverage using plywood and tarps.
  • Removal of ALL old roofing material.
  • Repair and replacement of rotten boards/plywood underneath the shingles if needed
  • Re-nailing and re-securing of roof deck.  This will help enhance the look of the roof by providing a flat surface to install the new material to.
  • Installation of drip edge metal flashing to the eavestrough area of the roof.  This will minimize animal entry, ice back-up and leaky eavestroughs.
  • Installation of ice and water shield underlayment to perimeter of eaves line, valleys, skylights, chimney areas and vulnerable locations.  This high performance underlayment will greatly reduce the risk of ice and water from backing up around vulnerable roof areas.
  • Our technicians will advise as to the amount of ice and water shield membrane need for your type of architecture.
  • Synthetic underlayment installation.  This high performance material provides a secondary level of protection and is installed above the ice and water shield membrane for added snow and ice protection.
  • Installation of shingles.  These are fastened using galvanized nails.
  • Proper ventilation – shingle roof vents, bathroom exhaust vents, ridge venting.  Venting is designed to provide continuous air flow to remove condensation.  Improperly vented roof structures could reduce the life expectancy of shingles upwards of 25% and make it more costly heating and cooling your home.
  • Installation of metal flashing details ie. Chimney, valleys, intersecting walls.
  • Caulking, sealing, and clean up of all debris. 

 A roofing system alone will not provide enough heat retention without proper insulation. Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. can make sure that the structure is properly insulated for optimal energy efficiency. Read up on our Insulation services or call us for more information.

Organic Asphalt vs. Fiberglass shingles

Organic Asphalt shingles first became available in the early 1950s and were an economical alternative to cedar and slate. They were made by saturating organic felt paper sheathing with layers of tar and top coated with small coloured ceramic stones. While promoting an image of environmental friendliness, these organic asphalt shingles increasingly proved to be incapable of holding up in today’s changing environment. As a result of climate change, winters and summers have brought unstable, varying temperatures which causes freeze and thaw cycles. This temperature fluctuation creates a lot of movement in the plywood and roof board decking. This movement causes cracking, splitting, pre-mature breakdown and failure of the shingles before their life expectancy. As a result of product failure, manufacturers, both in Canada and the U.S, chose to discontinue the organic line of shingles and replace with the fiberglass technology.

Fiberglass shingles are identical to organic asphalt shingles in terms of looks but are much more flexible and durable based on performance. This enhanced design allows the shingle to better respond to temperature fluctuations and roof deck movement. The paper that reinforces the shingle is a fiberglass synthetic type that is coated with several layers of tar. This particular combination allows the shingles to expand and contract in response to temperature changes, allowing less chance for breaking or cracking. The fiberglass option is thereby today’s recommended solution and is the industry standard.

Owens Corning makes fiberglass shingles that have been acknowledged by many contractors for their quality and durability and are considered one of the best shingles on the market according to CONSUMER REPORTS MAGAZINE in house reviews. Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. is part of Owens Corning’s Preferred Contractor list in recognition of our professional craftsmanship and adherence to latest industry standards.