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Soffit, Fascia, and Siding

Soffit & Fascia

Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. installs aluminum soffit and fascia cladding that is maintenance free and corrosion resistant. These pre-painted aluminum panels come in a variety of different colours and styles to match your homes exterior. Soffit and fascia panels are used to clad the overhang assembly around the perimeter of a shingle or flat roof.

Soffit vents are needed to provide air circulation within the roof structure to prevent condensation and mold issues. Older homes generally have wood soffit and fascia details which require ongoing maintenance and repairs. Consider going maintenance free!
Fascia aluminum is a cladding that covers the wood fascia boards and is installed behind the eavestroughing as is part of the overall assembly.


Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. supplies and installs aluminum, vinyl, composite and wood siding over various surfaces. We can also install Styrofoam Ridgid insulation and an air and moisture barrier (ie TYVEK house wrap) behind the siding to help prevent air infiltration and heat loss. Siding material is designed to protect the home against the elements, comes in many different colours, patterns and designs as well as varying warranties. Our professionals will discuss options to suite your needs.