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Roof Ventilation

Why ventilate?

Proper ventilation is essential in gaining the maximum life out of your shingle and flat roof. Homes without proper ventilation risk shortening the life expectancy of their roof by approximately 25%. Overlooking the roofing and soffit ventilation system in your home can result in:

  1. premature failure of the roofing material
  2. buckling of the roofing due to deck movement
  3. rotting of the wood members
  4. moisture accumulation in insulation
  5. increased heating and A/C costs

With proper ventilation air will circulate freely under the roof deck and carry away water vapour before it can condense. One of the best methods is a combination of eaves or soffit vents and ridge or roof vents which provide a natural draft from bottom to the top of attic space. At Canadian Roofing Company Ltd., we can design a ventilation system to suite your needs.

Types of venting we install:

  • Aluminum sloping shingle vents
  • Turbine and ridge vents
  • Bathroom and kitchen exhaust vents
  • Soffit eaves vents and gable louver vents

Our technicians will be able to advise on the best solution for your ventilation needs. Call us today to get your estimate.