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Chimneys – Repaired, Rebuilt, Tuckpointing


Canadian Roofing Company Ltd., re-builds, repairs and tuckpoints chimneys. Gas and oil fumes are very corrosive to brick and masonry chimneys .Chimneys that are not properly lined with a metal or clay liner will allow hot moist air to enter the cold brick chimney and will cause the brick and mortar to prematurely fail resulting in repairs.

Not having a proper protective concrete cap will allow freezing water to create fissure cracks and contribute to brick spalling. We will inspect your chimney and provide repair options.

Re-building generally requires scaffolding of chimney for safe access, removal down to the roof level, re-building to existing height using matching brick, installing a hardened piece of concrete to crown of chimney for protection, new clay flue pots with animal screens and roofing and flashing repairs to waterproof.

Tuckpointing is essentially re-grouting of the mortar and can be done when chimneys are not too far gone.

Chimneys are designed for two purposes, venting of the furnace and hot water tank and the exhaust of smoke from fireplace.

Homes that have upgraded to a high efficiency direct vent furnace and hot water tank may no longer need their existing chimney as the venting is directed outside through a vent pipe. In this case, your chimney may eligible to be removed below the roof structure and decommissioned.