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Eavestroughing and Leaf Guard

Canadian Roofing Company Ltd. installs pre-painted, aluminum 5” and 6” seamless eavestroughing. This system of troughing and downpipes is designed to carry water away from house foundations. The advantage of aluminum is its maintenance free design, as it does not rust, and is available in many colours to complement a homes exterior. Your eavestroughing is only as strong as the wood fascia boards or rafters that it is attached to. Always make sure that rotten and damaged wood is properly replaced prior to installing the eavestrough.

Installing a Leaf Guard system is highly recommended for homeowners who have trees nearby and want to minimize cleaning and maintenance. Eavestroughing systems with out Leaf Guard generally need to be cleaned out twice a year, in spring and fall to function optimally. Debris can negatively affect water flow, and in the winter months ice and snow build-up can force its way under the roofing material and potentially enter the structure causing water damage.

A Leaf Guard system:

  • Protects the eavestrough from leaves and debris from clogging
  • Prevents ice and snow build-up
  • Provides additional strength to the overall structure of the eavestrough and will greatly minimize cleaning and maintenance.

The City of Toronto has a By-Law in place restricting eavestrough water from entering the homes weeping tile drainage system. In most cases water needs to be directed to garden and grassed areas. As an option, consider installing a Rain Barrel collection and diverter system. In certain situations based on topography, homeowners can apply for an exemption on-line or by calling 311.

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